God’s Goodness in Grief.

God’s Goodness in Grief.

God’s Goodness in Grief

“Brittany, you must remember,” my grandma said through tears and a mourning heart, “God is still good.”

She spoke these words to me right after the death of her husband of 60 years. My grandaddy, whom I adored, had fallen ill and went to be with Jesus pretty quickly. He and my grandma were the perfect picture of marriage to me growing up. I watched them as the years went by and contemplated in my heart that this had to be what true love looks like. He and she caring for each other tenderly and still in love as if they were newlyweds.

To give you an idea of what it looked like, at some point in the latter years of my grandaddy’s life, he lost the sense of touch in his fingertips due to diabetes and other health issues. His biggest fear, as expressed to my grandma in anguish, was that when he would touch her face he would not be able to ever feel it again.


This man. He loved her well. She loved him well until the very end of his days. What it must feel like to lose someone that you have adored and cherished for 60 years is beyond me. I have only been living on this earth for half of that time. I was always worried about how my grandparents would handle losing the other into eternity. So when I saw that my​ grandma was in total peace​, I was in shock all the more.​


This realization led me to reflect on her words that she spoke, “God is still good.” I started thinking about what she meant ​in​  these words. This was coming from a woman who has lived on this earth for 80 years. A woman who I expected to fall apart over her loss. Instead, this woman turned out to be a lot stronger than I anticipated, and was walking in total peace because of the love of her Savior.

After all, God was her first love.

This kind of love only comes out of relationship. A sacred union between two individuals walking together day in and day out. Sharing everything together – secrets, fears, dreams, heartaches, and goals; expressing moments of vulnerability and pain, and working things out together when times get rough.

Rainbows come only after the rain. My grandma developed a permanent rainbow throughout her years on this earth because she realized that no matter what – God is still good.

Where are your thoughts today? Are they reflecting on a lifetime of provision from a merciful Shepherd? Or are they stuck on the negative, resisting the only hands that will ever truly feed you? I know where mine are.

I’m choosing to speak truth today. That no matter what has happened or what is to come, God is still good.