do your dts in asheville

4 reasons to do your dts in asheville 

1. we’re a family

We are all created to live and learn in a Community context. You are leaving home but you will be coming home, except this time it’s to a family of missionaries.  Hospitality and family are at the core of who we are and we thrive because of it.  Here there is a place for you to weave yourself in the the fabric of who we are. You will be entering a multicultural family where you will have the opportunity to see the world through the lens of other cultures that God created. And its going to expand your worldview to the better.  

2. discovering your purpose is our purpose


A unknown author said “two most important days of your life: The day you were born and the day you discover why.  It is the most exciting journey to be in where you are discovering your Purpose.  Our birth was not a coincidence or random act of God but rather a carefully crafted purposeful life. In your YWAM DTS here at Asheville, you will have a one on one attention with our staff on a weekly basis to help you find your call and your purpose. 

3. the hippies & the himilayas

Like we say it here, you will take the gospel of Jesus “from the mountains of Asheville to the valleys of the Himalayas.” We are passionate about many things…2 of the main ones are our city, Asheville, and the Himalayas. In your lecture phase you get to experience reaching out to the Nomadic, hippie, traveller young people that are trying to fins meaning of life and spirituality.  We serve them Indian vegan food and share Christ with them.  We carry the same passion into the outreach to the Himalayas reaching the same kind of people on the hippie trail. 

4. the location

I know God can move and touch us in any location.  But why not kill two birds with one stone? Asheville is surrounded 60 water falls and the lovely Blue Ridge Parkway runs through our city, and then there are countless hiking trails of the Appalachian mountains.  In the spring you will find that Asheville bursts with life and color. The YWAM DTS classroom is located right in the heart of Downtown Asheville, you are always in the midst of great artist blowing glass or stroking their paint brush or playing music on street corner. 

what are you waiting for? join the family. belong, be trained, be sent. sign up today!