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Do Something Hard

In a world with devastation, heartache, tragedy and darkness in every news cycle, I often feel the temptation to withdraw…to become complacent, like much of my generation. It seems easier to get lost in my gym routines, my toddler’s newest word or bruise, career hopes, family dreams. But my heart yearns for more. As a…

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The Most Important Question You'll Ever Answer

By Cam Speer Have you ever met a famous person? Were they what you expected? When you told your friends, did they ask, “What were they like?” That is the question, isn’t it…What is someone like? How did they seem, act, look? From this place we judge our affiliation, love and commitment to that person,…

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Chewing The Cud!

From the place of meditation or ‘ruminating’ on GOD we are able to chew, process, chew some more, swallow, bring up and chew again (yes, just like a cow would do!) Then, we can sit and ponder for an extended amount of time on the nourishment of God’s written word, allowing the Holy Spirit to…

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