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Thankfulness Isn’t A Feeling

As we sit down to a big turkey dinner, surrounded by friends and family, we must remember that there are some grieving, others in pain, and those without shelter. Whether the loss is physical or emotional, it’s still a grievance and sometimes one that’s hard to reconcile. This is not reason that we shouldn’t enjoy our Thanksgiving day,…

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Traveling With a Purpose

By Laura-Beth Rimmer I always told God that I would go anywhere…except for one place; India. Coming into my Discipleship Training School I was excited to go on a new adventure, travel to a new country and share the love of God to new faces. But a couple of weeks into the lecture phase we…

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I want to be a hero.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be known? Not just by anybody, but by everybody. And not only that, but being noticed for the good things you do, let’s leave aside the bad. Growing up I always looked to Mother Teresa as my inspiration. This small woman, like myself, was sharing…

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