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4 Truths for the Weary

When the road behind us is covered in sweat and the road ahead stretches longer than we can see, we grow weary. When our plans and expectations fall through, we grow weary. When we trust in Jesus, but our feet are sore and our mind is burdened, we grow weary. Weary is a place we…

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Why I believe in the DTS

The Discipleship Training School is just what it says it is. It not only teaches one how to disciple the nations, it also (perhaps even more importantly) teaches one how to BE DISCIPLED. Why is this so critical? Isn’t our aim to reach the lost for Christ? Why worry about ourselves? Indeed, our goal as…

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Hospitality Is The Gospel

The Holiday season is, for many of us, a time to come together with seldom seen family and friends and the issue of hosting guests can become high on our priority list. Unfortunately, this can lead to stress, anxiety, performance mentality, and worst of all, missing the reason for Christmas altogether. This being said, I…

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Fear is not a sin.

by Kaari Speer There is a battle. Both a seen and an unseen battle for our lives. We may have glimpses into the battlefield for a moment, but rarely are we aware of the weight our choices carry in eternity, or the importance of our hearts. There is a victory. Victory, however, is intentional. Wars are…

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3 Signs You Should Do A DTS

1. Are you thirsty? “He cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths of anyone who believes in me this way, just as the Scripture says.” John 7:37b-28 (The Message)   Jesus has revealed to His Creation that He…

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Impossibly Courageous

I can see what they see, sometimes. Clean people with their eyes closed. Do they close their eyes because they have to trick themselves into singing those songs? Because my eyes are open and it’s not pretty out here… Are believers just that unaware of all the sorrow in the world that they can proclaim…

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