My DTS Outreach

My dts Outreach

My dts outreach

I did my DTS almost 27 years ago, but the lessons learned are still fresh and relevant.

My biggest takeaway was that God has a specific call on my life. I’m not on earth randomly or haphazardly. He has a purpose for me. He made that clear to me one day as our team was playing with the children of the village we were living in, Yunatsite, Bulgaria. We were in this big open field on a cold wintery day. Everyone was all bundled up, wrestling in the middle of the field. I took a step back for a moment to just take it all in, and time started to stand still for me; things were happening in slow motion almost. In that moment, I felt the Lord say to me,

“There are villages all over the world like this who need to hear about Jesus. Will you go?”

It is one of the handful of times in my life to date that I KNEW God was undeniably speaking to me. I said yes to the Lord that day, and never turned back. He had called.

Another lesson I learned is that love and acceptance go a long way. There was this little three-year-old girl in this village named Nellie.

Nellie was the daughter of a prostitute, and no one in the village accepted her. One of the first days our team arrived, I went outside to meet all of the kids and was quickly surrounded by a sea of children. I leaned over and picked up the closest child to me. As I stood back up with Nellie in my arms, I could hear the kids’ audible gasps. They could not believe I had picked up this outcast. Mind you, I didn’t know Nellie was an outcast, I just knew she was a cute little girl. I leaned over to Nellie’s cheek and gave her a kiss. Again, gasps from the crowd around me. I then pointed to my cheek and asked Nellie for a kiss. She looked at me with such confusion on her face. So I kissed her again, and then pointed to my cheek. We did this a couple more times before Nellie leaned over to me and, instead of kissing my cheek, she sucked it. You see, as the daughter of a prostitute, Nellie didn’t know how to kiss. Kisses weren’t something she received. I knew then that Nellie was someone I was going to love on for our entire outreach in Yunatsite. This little girl needed to know she was loved, by me and by Jesus. Nellie and I spent a lot of time together, and by the end of the outreach she would come running through the door of our house, kiss me on my cheek and whisper,

“Obetchem te.” I love you.

Finally, God showed me in the most crazy way that he will always take care of me. You see, we lived in a house that did not have an indoor bathroom, so to bathe, we had to go to other homes to shower. In fact, in that two month outreach, I had a total of 14 showers/baths. One Wednesday night we were going to a house church in another village and there was a house in that village that had a shower we could use. So I had my backpack loaded with toiletries, a clean set of clothes, some team money, and my passport. After our showers we went drove to the house church where I left my backpack in the car. After church, we came out to discover the car had been broken into, and my backpack had been stolen…with everything in it, even my passport. My outreach leader and the local pastor spent the next three days combing that village in search of my bag. Late Saturday night, after I had gone to bed, the door to my room opened up and my leader tossed my book bag to me. They found the people who had my bag, and everything was in it (minus the cash) including my passport.

The Lord had truly taken care of me.

And he’s done it time and time again in these last 27 years.

My DTS outreach was the start of a life of adventure with Jesus.

Come to YWAM Asheville’s DTS and start your adventure today!

Fear & Jesus

Fear & Jesus

Fear & Jesus

Fear. Four simple letters. By definition, fear as a verb means to be afraid of something as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening. As a noun, fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion derived from fear as a verb.

This unpleasant emotion, at one point in my life, almost took over who I was. Fear of the unknown, fear of the what if’s, fear of the unpredictable outcome. All of which stopped me dead in my tracks. Preventing me from moving forward. Preventing me from experiencing joy. Preventing me from being able to see, detect, be consciously aware of God’s ability to take care of me. Always.

Then one day, out of nowhere, God spoke in his still, small, commanding voice. As I looked into my daughter’s eyes, my heart within whispered,

“All I want to do is take care of you.”

God whispered into this fearful heart, “Consider the lilies.” And a chunk of fear vanished that day. If he can take care of the lilies of the field, how much more can he take care of me?

A few months later, still in a fearful place, not completely free, I listened to a spiritual father as he taught on God’s nature and character. The words that dug their way deep into my soul were, “God’s got an infinite imagination to solve every situation you find yourself in.” He doesn’t run out of ideas. He has more than plan A or plan B or plan Z. He’s got plan A to plan Infinity to choose from.

Another chunk of fear melted away that day.

God never created me to live in fear. He has given me power, love and a sound mind to combat fear. He has loved me with his perfect love, which casts out all fear. When I choose fear over love, I am telling God he is unable, he is not loving, he doesn’t see all the details. He’s not enough.

I now look at that four letter word that tried to take me out and say, not today. Not this time. Not this situation. God is enough. He takes care of lilies. His creative imagination will work this out for my good.

When you do a Discipleship Training School at YWAM Asheville, you are taking a step of faith: a statement that God’s provision surrounds His direction. Join us for the upcoming DTS and learn more about living fearlessly, rooted in the knowledge of who GOD is and what He’s really like.