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Dream Big, What Does It Mean To Dream Big?

What does it mean to dream big?

I guess to start, we have to look at what it means to dream small…to seek a mediocre life. Average. Not worth turning your head. A life that works, but doesn’t overflow. A life that meets the standards of the world, but lacks divine purpose and wonder. A life with the desires of one’s heart kept at bay and eternal needs going unmet.

I didn’t even know that I wasn’t dreaming big. It didn’t occur to me that my life could be even more… That, yes it is possible to have the desires of my heart met and my purpose lived out to the full!

The realization came one day as I thought about what I’m truly passionate about. My inability to dream big wasn’t because of a lack of faith or imagination. No. It was because I was believing a lie. A lie that my life would only amount to mediocrity. 

Dream Big, What Does It Mean To Dream Big?

As this lie came to light, the Lord showed me the pattern of events in my life that allowed this lie to take root. The ways people, knowingly or not, deepened my conviction that I was made for average things only. And I began to see the ways my Enemy had pursuaded me to shrink back, stay safe, stay small.


So I had a choice. And I still have a choice, everyday.

You have a choice.


Will I keep believing the lie that has been exposed? The lie that what’s best is what’s comfortable and familiar. The lie that keeps me muffled and filtered. The lie that has already stolen so much.

Or, will I believe in the truth which seems foreign, unfamiliar, and even impossible at times? A truth that could set me free.


Dream Big, What Does It Mean To Dream Big?

“When God gives you a dream, He will grant you the grace to fulfill it.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

That day I chose to believe the TRUTH…that my life was made for more than I could ever comprehend and that anything is possible!

Dreaming big doesn’t mean that I’ll imagine extraordinary things and bring them into reality all by myself. It simply means that I trust that Jesus will lead me into extraordinary things and partner with me in bringing his Kingdom to earth. Dreaming big means handing over my control, expectation, and security to the One who is teaching me to open up my mind, teaching me to see further than I could on my own. 

God has a purpose for your life that is BIGGER than what is humanly possible to dream up.  Don’t settle for a life that is anything other than what He created you for. Let him show you how to DREAM BIG! Choose to do the foreign, uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and seemingly impossible things you were made to do. His dreams for you will satisfy and fulfill you to overflowing.

Dream Big, What Does It Mean To Dream Big?

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