Do Something Hard

In a world with devastation, heartache, tragedy and darkness in every news cycle, I often feel the temptation to withdraw…to become complacent, like much of my generation. It seems easier to get lost in my gym routines, my toddler’s newest word or bruise, career hopes, family dreams. But my heart yearns for more. As a…

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Hospitality Is The Gospel

The Holiday season is, for many of us, a time to come together with seldom seen family and friends and the issue of hosting guests can become high on our priority list. Unfortunately, this can lead to stress, anxiety, performance mentality, and worst of all, missing the reason for Christmas altogether. This being said, I…

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How DTS Changed My Life

A black hole is what I saw in my future. As a 21 year old young man, it’s absolutely depressing to not know what your future holds. It was even more shattering to see a black hole, a future without any light. I desperately needed someone to interrupt my journey into this black hole. I…

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Traveling With a Purpose

By Laura-Beth Rimmer I always told God that I would go anywhere…except for one place; India. Coming into my Discipleship Training School I was excited to go on a new adventure, travel to a new country and share the love of God to new faces. But a couple of weeks into the lecture phase we…

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3 Signs You Should Do A DTS

1. Are you thirsty? “He cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths of anyone who believes in me this way, just as the Scripture says.” John 7:37b-28 (The Message)   Jesus has revealed to His Creation that He…

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Reaching for the Rainbow

“Brittany, you must remember,” my grandma said through tears and a mourning heart, “God is still good.” She spoke these words to me right after the death of her husband of 60 years. My grandaddy, whom I adored, had fallen ill and went to be with Jesus pretty quickly. He and my grandma were the…

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Right now I’m sitting on my back porch with a beautiful view of the mountains, food to my right and a chilled cup of water to my left. It’s a sunny, warm, clear blue sky kind of day. This last week I’ve been reading Kisses from Katie. Many of you will have heard of Katie…

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The Guitars, The Dreads and The Dogs

Asheville is coming alive as the change of seasons has brought a dramatic warmth in the atmosphere. The green leaves with fresh life are emerging, bringing a sense of new beginnings. Music and creativity are in the air in downtown, artistic musicians busking on street corners with all the creativity unleashed from within, filling the…

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