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What is a gap year?

A Christian Gap Year with YWAM Asheville is a life-changing opportunity for you to develop your relationship with God and put your faith into practice on the mission field,
all in the context of a Christ-centered community! This valuable time will allow you to explore your own faith and beliefs, analyze and evaluate the world around you, cultivate character and leadership skills, be deeply rooted in the Word of God, and navigate your
God given identity.

Why should you do it?

, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM

Our goal in this process is to create a space for you to know God, know yourself, and explore your life calling and direction through practical application opportunities, around the world. 

, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM

A Gap Year with YWAM Asheville has 2 phases.

After completing phase one, students are invited to continue on for phase two, but are not required to do so.

, Christian Gap Year with YWAM


Discipleship Training School

, Christian Gap Year with YWAM

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) looks like:

  • Getting 3 months of life changing training & 2 months of team, overseas outreach
  • Strengthening your faith and biblical worldview through class, worship, ministry, and more
  • Establishing friendships, building relational trust, and experiencing team dynamics
  • Doing cross-cultural research in preparation for a successful outreach
  • Learning to creatively communicate and demonstrate God’s message of love, and see transformation in the lives of specific communities, through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit

Want to learn more about the DTS?

, Christian Gap Year with YWAM

Phase Two

Foundational Leadership Course

Phase two is the Foundation Leadership Course (FLC), where you’ll get to take your gap year to the next level! The goal of this 8-week phase is to strengthen you as a Christ-like servant leader. Based on your experience in DTS, we will continue to walk you through exploring your personal identity and calling, as well as developing important leadership skills. You will learn effective ministry skills and how to pioneer what God has called you to do, wherever He leads you!

Want to learn more about the FLC?

, Christian Gap Year with YWAM

Then What?

Walk It Out!

After completing the DTS & FLC, you’ll be ready to put all that you’ve learned thus far into hands-on application experiences. You will be able to operate in leadership of self and others, and practically implement the mission and purposes God has in store for you. You are invited to serve with us, and apply to become a missionary member here at YWAM Asheville, take your new leadership skills into the workforce, or return home with fresh vision. We will be with you 100% of the way!

As we send you to the mission field (no matter if that’s here in Asheville, or somewhere else) you will have access to our staff and leadership team to serve as mentors and coaches for the rest of your gap year, as you need. Wherever the Lord calls you, we want to be a part of helping you succeed!

, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM

PHASE ONE (Discpleship Training School): October 2, 2022

PHASE TWO (Foundational Leadership Course): TBA


PHASE ONE (Discpleship Training School):

Lecture Phase: 8 payments of $455

Outreach Phase: 8 Payments of $455

*Payments are not due all at once. Payments are made throughout Phase One. 

PHASE TWO (Foundational Leadership Course): $2,265

Additional expenses will be required for your room & board during the weeks between Phase One and Phase Two. This amount will cover your housing, food, and transportation. Amount TBA soon.

Application Process

Applying for a gap year with YWAM Asheville begins with applying for Phase One, the DTS. The only YWAM DTS requirements prior to applying is a High School diploma, or equivalent. Once you’ve completed the initial portion of your application, we will send you an email with a few other forms we’ll need to complete your acceptance. This includes 3 references and a medical evaluation. NO APPLICATION FEE is required! Once we’ve gotten all that from you, it’ll just take us 1-2 days to process. Simple! Click HERE to start your application!

Where will I live?

YWAM Asheville has separate accommodations for male and female staff and students. You will be living in homes with other students and staff of your gender. Watch a quick tour here!

What can I expect to experience and do during my gap year with YWAM Asheville?

, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM
, Christian Gap Year with YWAM

Ready to get your Gap Year started?

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, Christian Gap Year with YWAM

School credit:

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is one of the YWAM courses registered with YWAM’s University of the Nations (UofN). The UofN offers credits for the DTS which can be applied to U of N degrees (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s). Students receive 12
credit hours for the DTS lecture phase and 8 credit hours for the outreach phase. Also, some UofN students have received transfer credit for some of their UofN courses. This credit has been granted by other higher educational institutions rather than by accrediting agencies. Also, certain universities have accepted UofN degree graduates into advanced studies (usually Master’s programs).