In the midst of the chaos all around us it’s easy to set our sights on the things of earth. Stillness is not a natural response to crisis. We see what’s happening all around us and it’s simply human nature to be hurt, angry, frustrated, depressed, fearful, and anxious. We’re scared of the uncertainty… and a million other things this crisis brings.

This morning we virtually gathered as YWAM Asheville like we’ve been doing each day to share a word and to have intercession. We focused on the story of Mary & Martha in Luke 10, where Mary took the time to sit in the presence of Jesus and therefore focused on the things above. On the other hand, Martha responded to the presence of Jesus as most of us probably would…working to make sure everything is taken care of, in its place, in order. 

Jesus is here, in the middle of this mess… My question to you is this-

How will you respond to His presence in the midst of this crisis?


Of course, we have to take action in the midst of crisis …but we also need our minds to be still so that we can be filled with peace that passes all understanding. This will counteract the fear and anxiety. In order to effectively navigate our circumstances, we must be grounded in a place of stillness. A place that allows us to say,

“Everything else can and must wait.

I won’t move without your presence being real to me.”


It’s always easier said than done. It’s simple to say, “just look to Him!” But the truth is we need to recognize where we’re at… and it’s okay to acknowledge that we are walking in a place of fear. 
I struggle with anxious thoughts and sometimes I react to situations out of that place. When I’m anxious I can’t think clearly, my heart races, and I feel helpless, or like I need to control as much as I possibly can. 
 I strive and labor to get things done and nothing happens with excellence. During this season of feeling a unique pressure in this regard, I must remember to stop, breathe, be still. This will be a daily decision of calling out each thing I’m anxious about and laying it at the foot of the cross. To not push things under the rug but rather to actually deal with them. I want to be like Mary who was able to absorb everything from Jesus in that moment, despite to list of things she needed to get done, despite her societal obligations. 
Whatever you’re struggling with, whether you are a mom homeschooling 3 children right now, a single person in isolation, someone who has a family member who has the corona virus, or you’ve been laid off – no matter the circumstances everyone has an opportunity to be fearful and anxious right now.

The beauty in that reality is that we all also have the opportunity to protect our stillness, or perhaps find it for the first time.