Fear is Not a Sin

fear is not a sin

 There is a battle.

Both a seen and an unseen battle for our lives.

We may have glimpses into the battlefield for a moment, but rarely are we aware of the weight our choices carry in eternity, or the importance of our hearts.


 There is a victory.

Victory, however, is intentional.

Wars are not won by coincidence. They are strategized, deliberate and costly.

 There is a God.

There is a Creator who orchestrates heaven and earth, down to the molecular level,

who has plans for you, a journey beyond compare…

but this inheritance must be fought for. Sacrificed for. Chosen.

Have you fallen asleep within the war?

Have you heard a battle cry that caused you to hide rather than roar?

Friend, fear is not the Enemy, but it is one of his favorite tools to disable our potential.

Fear is not a sin, but our obedience to it is.

And it is here that we lose our way.

So how do we win the war? How do we find the path again?

We choose to serve alone the Commander in Chief who has already won on our behalf.

In His victory rests our fortune, our adventure, our life.


Are you letting fear make your choices? Are you stuck? Has your passion been lost?

Wake up to the war cry, pick up your sword, knowing your victory is already eternally secured.

If you are hungry for this freedom, longing for direction,

come, do a DTS, and encounter your victorious Creator.