Foundational Leadership Course

Leadership, Foundational Leadership Course


The Foundational Leadership Course (FLC) at YWAM Asheville is a 8 week program that gives the DTS graduate space to focus and refine their calling as a leader – and put it to practical use! 

Disciples of Jesus are automatically called to be leaders. 

This is not dependent upon personality, charisma, or talent. It is dependent upon possessing the flame of truth that this blind world is searching for.

10/10 would recommend! I felt so secure in the community, and that security made it so much easier to learn. I learned a lot about the fear of the Lord, honor, and leading openly with integrity. Walking out of this course I feel like I better understand how to lead as a servant, pursuing God, and selflessness for others.


2021 FLC Graduate

Leadership, Foundational Leadership Course

In this course the Lord showed me the revolutionary importance of humility and servanthood in leadership. I now aim to recognize where I may have influence in order to relate and serve others with intentionality to build them up. I would recommend FLC to anyone who seeks to find God’s mission for themselves, and how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.


2021 FLC Graduate

Why should I do the FLC?

•refine personal vision and mission

•deepen your understanding of the bible

•develop discipleship basics

•sharpen your god-given talents

•practice christlike leadership

•continue the growth that started in dts

I never knew you could do and learn so much in such a short time! It felt like I was in God’s army bootcamp! Some big takeaways for me are; to be a leader is to be a servant to all. Relationship and identity are key to walking out in good leadership. This course was amazing, to say the least. I learned many valuable things, and was given the opportunity to walk it out with my fellow students and friends.


2021 FLC Graduate


April 2nd, 2023  – May 26th, 2023


The only requirement is that you have graduated a Discipleship Training School.



room & board

YWAM Asheville has multiple houses that serve as our dorms & homes. As a FLC student, you will live in a house along with other YWAMers of your gender. Most often, you’ll eat breakfast & dinner at home, and lunch at the classroom or during ministry times. Meals & transportation to and from class & other base actvities will be provided.

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