The Most Important Question You'll Ever Answer

By Cam Speer

Have you ever met a famous person? Were they what you expected?

When you told your friends, did they ask, “What were they like?”

That is the question, isn’t it…What is someone like? How did they seem, act, look? From this place we judge our affiliation, love and commitment to that person, if any at all.

Even if we think we know someone, we can slowly begin to believe lies about them if we aren’t careful to check our facts. This very thing happened ages ago in the Garden of Eden. God walked with man and man enjoyed God completely here on earth. But then a lie was planted, “Did God really say that? He just said that to keep you from fuller joy. He’s holding you back.”

An attack on the Creator’s character was made that day and it has spun in our minds for millennia. A lie was told, a lie was believed. This lie is still being told and still being believed.

The most important question humanity has ever asked is, “What is God like?” How do you answer that question?

Some say good, s​ome say vengeful. Some say like a father, some say a puppeteer.
The answer to this question brings forth every other piece of perspective you will ever process, consciously or not.

So, what if we don’t know this Creator enough to accurately judge the truth about His character? How will we know? Can we know?

In Discipleship Training School, everything we do is based on answering this question and wading into these deep waters with others who are seeking the same question. We get to explore what God’s really like.

This is THE foundational value of everything YWAM holds dear; TO KNOW GOD, and then make Him known.

There is a world around us asking, “Who is this God? What is He like?”

I firmly believe that every shortcoming and sin that humanity has ever experienced is rooted in a perverted or lacking response to this question.

How will you respond?