The Story

of YWAM Asheville

The Beginning...

In the summer of 2012, Christopher and Megan went to the beach for a get-away with God. For years, God had been birthing a new vision in their hearts and they needed time to sit at his feet about it. They walked away from this time understanding that God was calling them to start a new YWAM location.

After they went to the Southeast leadership to present the vision on their hearts, the leadership asked them to pray about a location. This was a dream come true, and Chris and Megan wanted to live it out with friends close to their hearts. They prayerfully considered and invited Brittany, Michaela, Laura-Beth, Cam, & Kaari to join them in this journey.



On a snowy, winter day, this new team ventured out on their first scouting trip for a potential location; the city of Asheville. The anticipation and excitement of new possibilities was tangible in the air as they approached the city. They spent the day as a team driving and walking around, asking God the question, “is this it?” They were willing to go wherever the Lord asked them to go. Was Asheville where He was calling them? As they were leaving that evening, the answer to the question was a solid, “YES!”

On the morning of the next trip to Asheville, Megan woke up from a dream where God used Taylor Swift’s song “Begin Again” to speak to her. The lyrics to the song he used were, “on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again.” On this trip they found themselves in a cafe, on a Wednesday, with a key pastor of the city welcoming them in. They felt like the new vision God had birthed 8 months prior had begun.

With this, they set off to YWAM Orlando for a summer of preparation underneath the Southeast director. That time was essential in establishing their vision and mission of pioneering. On August 15, 2013 they were launched from the Orlando base to pioneer YWAM Asheville.


Everything YWAM Asheville does is based around training, evangelism, mercy and missions. These are expressed through our three pillars of focus; The Trainee, The Traveler, and The Trafficked. Each year YWAM Asheville serves approximately 2,800+ hot meals to Travelers, trains 80+ high school/college age students through our Missions Adventure program, and is actively combatting the affects of human trafficking in India through The Reshma Project. 

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