Traveling With a Purpose

By Laura-Beth Rimmer

I always told God that I would go anywhere…except for one place; India.

Coming into my Discipleship Training School I was excited to go on a new adventure, travel to a new country and share the love of God to new faces.

But a couple of weeks into the lecture phase we found out that we were going to be traveling to (you guessed it) India. So I began to get my heart right before the Lord, knowing that He was taking me to this new place for a reason.

I stepped off the plane having traveled for 30 hours and I was instantly hit with the spices that filled the 3am morning air. As we all walked through the airport doors, we were greeted by a swarm of Indians circling around the airport offering taxi rides. Instantly I began to sense that God was welling something inside of me that I’d never felt before.

Over the course of the next two months I experienced a culture so unlike what I’d ever known. Daily I was seeing poverty on a scale that exceeded many other 3rd world countries, but amidst the grime and the injustice that was thrown into my face, I couldn’t help but see how much God was doing in the darkness.

Something huge happens when we commit to dying to ourselves and let God do His work in us. Loving on children who only know a life in the slums, praying with authority over women in brothels who can’t see any hope of a life outside of that world anymore, preaching in churches to encourage other believers, and openly doing evangelism amongst youth and adults all become a part of who we are. And there’s no place I’d rather be.

We often feel small, insignificant and that we can’t make a dent in this world. However, through outreach I saw the hand of God working through my life so evidently that my significance did not matter anymore. Seeing someone’s face light up with joy as they get healed from deafness or sitting with someone as they realize for the first time that Jesus died for them…there is nothing so sweet.

Imagine being on the mountaintops and in the valleys of the Himalayas. This will not only present a majestic image of our God but it will also be a refuge for your soul. As you meet the Travelers making their way up the trails to the northern tip of India you’ll be able to minister to their wandering souls, through a listening ear and sharing the story that God has walked you through. Nothing compares to a heart that is willing to obey God and love others well.

Outreach is a challenge for your heart, your senses, and your mind. Not much will come close to being a comparison of the change on your life that it makes. Be prepared to be transformed in every aspect of the word.

I am just a woman who said, “yes” and now I will never look back.

Will you too come and use your story to be a part of seeing God move within incredible India?