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Fall DTS : October 8, 2023

YWAM DTS Discipleship Training School

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The Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Asheville is an opportunity for you to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus. A YWAM DTS is 5 months of life-changing training & missions. The DTS curriculum is designed to guide students through heart level transformation while equipping them with practical tools to apply what they’ve learned for the rest of their life.

You can discover your passions and contribution to God’s plans for the world through a YWAM DTS. A Discipleship Training School provides new perspectives on following Jesus for those who long for new ways of following him. Come be a part of this deeply transformational experience by doing a DTS at YWAM Asheville!

The DTS at YWAM Asheville was a deeply transformational experience. It is an opportunity to not only prepare for and participate in missions work, but also to look deeply at your own heart and allow the love and kindness of Jesus to form it. You will leave closer to Jesus and equipped to share his love with the world around you.


-2018 DTS Graduate

In a YWAM DTS, you will be able to…

•Let Jesus transform every part of your life⁠

•Get outside your comfort zone and really live⁠

•Make intentional and intimate friendships⁠

•Experience worship, prayer, and intercession⁠

•Do local ministry and learn to serve the city you’re in⁠

•Travel someplace new to tell and show people about Jesus⁠

•Finally have time set aside to spend in the Bible

•Find a safe place to ask questions⁠

•Get world-class training on things you’ve been craving to know more about⁠

•See freedom and growth in ways you never knew possible⁠

•Engage in 24/7 life-changing discipleship⁠

•Have the chance to focus JUST on Jesus for 5 whole months!⁠

YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School is a time to solely and intentionally build a foundational relationship with God. YWAM Asheville cultivates the perfect environment for such a time. With the teachers they have come teach and in their every day dealings, their sole goal is for you to know the Lord. They love like He would see fit.


-2018 DTS Graduate

The purpose of the Discipleship Training School is to provide students with a space that is dedicated specifically to deepening their understanding of who God is, challenge and encourage them to see who He has created them to be, and to equip them with tools to share His love with the world around them wherever they go. Through YWAM’s DTS, you will be immersed in an environment where you will have the opportunity to learn about God and grow in your relationship with Him. The Discipleship training school at YWAM Asheville will not only teach you how God speaks, but also teach you how to recognize His voice, and empower you yo follow Him where He leads! Our YWAM DTS curriculum consists of 2 phases; Lecture & Outreach. As you progress through the lecture phase of YWAM training, you’ll focus on knowing God, His Word, and His world. Besides learning from teachers, you’ll also live in a community and receive practical training. The goal is to transform yourself, renew your mind, and grow as a person. Then, during outreach, DTS students serve God outside the classroom! This cross-cultural experience will allow you to discover more about yourself and the world around you, while sharing the good news of Jesus!


YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School
YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School
YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School


A YWAM Discipleship Training School lecture phase provides classroom learning, community-bonding, and heart change. It’s a chance to have your perspectives altered and your view of God deepened. During the lecture phase of DTS, you will be receiving world class missions training here in Asheville! Students are participating in intentional discipleship, enjoying community, and cultivating a lifestyle of authentic worship. Each week a speaker will cover a topic that we believe to be crucial to the life of every Jesus follower.

During this time your focus will be on knowing God, His Word and His world. You will seek transformation, a renewed mind, and personal growth. 

In addition to classroom learning, you’ll learn practical skills during local ministry times, community service responsibilities, worship, prayer, intercession, and by living in community. These all serve as ways to solidify your heart-level understanding of each topic. You will have time to process what is being learned during small-group, as well as one-on-one discipleship conversations with a designated staff member who is committed to your personal DTS journey.

A key part of character development is serving those around us. A part of DTS is working to keep the YWAM community functioning, while teaching teamwork and dedication. This side of DTS helps you become a part of the community of YWAM around you.

One-on-One’s & Small Group: A very important aspect of a YWAM Discipleship Training School is intentional, face to face discipleship, that happens during one-on-ones and small groups. These times will allow you to process what you’re learning about God in a safe environment. During small group you can see how your other classmates are being challenged and explore things more intentionally. These are not only times to get to know your classmates better, but also a time to witness transformation in others.

Lecture phase is a time to intimately explore all that you were created for, discover identity, and develop your relationship with God.  Surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a pretty tough location to beat!

YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School


During outreach phase, you will take the message and love of God across the world. You will learn about the diversity of cultures and will participate in God’s purposes for the places you visit. Outreach phase is when you’ll get to apply all that you’ve learned in a cross-cultural, immersive, missional experience. You can put all of your new perspective into action by sharing God’s truth in different places all around the world. The goal is to share the love of God which you have experienced in your own life. You will be sent as an ambassador of the Gospel to a different location(s) with your DTS teammates. The goal of a Discipleship Training School (DTS) is to know God & make Him known in all the earth. Therefore, for your final 2 months of DTS, you’ll spend your time sharing the light of Jesus in various ways.

During a DTS outreach, there are countless opportunities to demonstrate and act upon all that you’ve learned about God, yourself, and the world.

This may include acts of physical mercy, such as providing medical supplies or fixing a leaking roof…it may be playing volleyball with at-risk children…it may be painting a portrait of someone while speaking truth and identity over them…it may be meeting locals for coffee each day to explain the Gospel.

There is no limit to the ways God meets people with His love, and it is our passion to create with God to innovatively reach the world with the light of the Good News.

Every outreach is different, and we rely on God to lead us in unique expressions to creatively share the love of Jesus to those we encounter. 

After completing the outreach phase there is a time of debrief and reflection on all God has done. Then students are presented with a certificate of graduation and are released to chase after whatever the Lord is leading them to next. At YWAM Asheville, DTS graduates are invited to attend the 8 week Foundational Leadership Course (FLC). This course will equip any DTS graduate with practical and valuable tools to be a Christ-like servant leader in ministry or in the work force. Upon completing the FLC, students are free to pursue a staff position at YWAM Asheville.

YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School
YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School

The DTS at YWAM Asheville Teaches:

The lecture phase engages the mind in deeply transformative ways for eleven to twelve weeks in a YWAM Asheville DTS. You will receive powerful teaching and in-depth discipleship from motivating speakers and missionaries, meant to provoke, challenge, and encourage. Issues like hearing the voice of God, identity, sin and forgiveness, and much more are discussed. As you grow closer to God, the discipleship training school firmly roots you in His word and help you recognize and experience His love. Classroom time is a chance to build friendships and dig deeper into the questions we all have. The DTS class curriculum includes, but is not limited to; 

•The Character and Nature of God (His ways, the Trinity, and how we relate with God)

Bible Overview (understanding the story of Scripture and its relevance to everyday life)

•Relationships (healing, forgiveness, God’s design for family, friendships, and romance)

•Evangelism and God’s Heart for The Nations (thinking cross-culturally, apologetics, and worldview)

•The Lordship of Christ (allowing Jesus to be King over every area of life)

•Hearing God’s Voice (through Scripture, prayer, and more)

•The Father Heart of God (how God’s role as Father impacts our everyday life) 

Before I came to YWAM Asheville, I had this whole idea of what DTS was going to be in my head. Meeting friends who would become family, learning about different cultures, and having fun while spreading the Gospel; and I DID do that…but what I didn’t anticipate was all the healing I would go through. Living in community with other believers, setting my focus to God everyday, and coming to Him every morning with a pure heart and open palms brought a restoration to me that I never felt in all my life. This school taught me how to trust God in ways I never knew, and trusting the Lord with my whole life is the best decision I’ve ever made.


-2018 DTS Graduate


2023 Fall DTS:

October 8th, 2023 – March 2nd, 2024


Lecture Phase: 8 payments of $487

Outreach Phase: 8 Payments of $487

*Payments are not due all at once. You can pay as you go & come as you are! These payments cover your entire YWAM DTS. 

Looking for the cheapest YWAM dts? We get it. It can be tempting to want to go to the cheapest YWAM DTS you can find. But we deeply urge you to decide which DTS to attend through prayer and intentionally seeking God’s will. The best YWAM DTS location for you is the one God calls you to.

Outreach Locations

Outreach locations vary every DTS! Students in the application process will be made aware of locations being considered for their school prior to acceptance. If you want more info about the different locations we take our teams, fill out the message form below.

Application Process

The only YWAM DTS requirements prior to applying is a High School diploma, or equivalent. Once you’ve completed the initial portion of your YWAM DTS application, we will send you an email with a few other forms we’ll need to complete your acceptance. This includes 3 references and a medical evaluation. NO APPLICATION FEE is required! Once we’ve gotten all that from you, it’ll just take us 1-2 days to process. Simple! Click HERE to start your application!


Each week students will break up into their elective groups and have structured times focusing on those topics. The goal of electives is to engage with the Holy Spirit, worship in new ways, cultivate and strengthen skill, and generate avenues for creative evangelism.

2022 Fall DTS Electives:



-Art & Design

Fundraising Tips

There are so many ways to creatively cover your YWAM DTS cost! Here are 7 ideas:

What Students Can Expect
  • Weekly one-on-ones & discipleship
  • Practical tools that empower you to process what you’re learning
  • Ministry & evangelism
  • Engage with Scripture in new ways
  • Enter into an existing culture of respect, gratitude, joy, & healthy boundaries
  • Learn & practice life giving communication
  • Join in tending to community property & tasks
  • Enjoy community meals that lay a foundation for celebration & connection
  • Homework & reading assignments
  • Experience community worship & intercession
  • Rhythms of rest & personal time with God
  • Be challenged & stretched almost every day
Expectations of Students
  • To be whole-heartedly present
  • A desire to grow, take risks, & learn

  • Humility towards God & others

  • Readiness to practice vulnerability

  • To embrace the gift of friendship

  • Punctuality & respect

What To Do After DTS

After you have graduated a YWAM DTS, you are welcome to continue your journey with Youth With A Mission by taking secondary training courses and/or joining staff. YWAM Asheville offers an 8 week secondary course (Foundational Leadership Course) for YWAM DTS graduates that will exponentially increase your capactiy for Christlike and Spirit led leaderhsip. In this course, YWAM DTS graduates are empowered with a deeper look at Biblical principles, practical methods, and real life experience. Upon completing the Discipleship Training School and the FLC, you will feel equiped to take on a leadership role in whatever mission field the Lord takes you!

Why choose to do DTS at YWAM Asheville?

In a DTS at YWAM Asheville, you will get to know God, learn to hear and recognize God’s voice, and begin to uncover His purposes for your life. We believe that the Lord will lead you to the best YWAM location for you through prayer. We urge you to choose your YWAM DTS location based on the guidance of the Holy Spirit alone. That being said, here are just a few reasons we are proud of our YWAM base and the DTS we run here! 

YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School

The Fitness elective is for YWAM DTS students who want to explore using physical training and athletics to advance the Kingdom of God. DTS students and staff will engage in an array of different fitness styles, learning how to use them as an avenue to worship Jesus and share His message with others. No prior experience or talent required.


YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School

The Art & Design elective will be for YWAM DTS students who want to grow in artful expression and worship through creating! Together DTS students and staff will explore multiple different forms of visual art as a way to bring glory to Jesus and communicate His love to the world. No prior experience or talent required.


YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School

The DTS Anti-Trafficking Elective is for YWAM DTS students who are interested in what it means to be an effective abolitionist and want to be trained as an aid in the fight against modern day slavery. This will be a direct way to work with our anti-trafficking ministry called The Reshma Project.


YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School

The Great Smokies, The Blue Ridge, The Appalachian Trail…whether you’re a hiking enthusiast or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, you’ll love it here. Asheville is one of the most stunning landscapes in America’s Southeast.


YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School

Asheville, North Carolina is one of the most beautiful, energetic, and adventurous cities in the region. It’s the perfect blend of upbeat urban & mountain town. The arts, innovation, and tourism create a vibrant downtown, and YWAM Asheville’s DTS classroom and office is located right in the middle of it.


YWAM DTS, DTS | Discipleship Training School

Our base size allows us to be a close knit community of friends. Because our YWAM DTS sizes are more intimate, we are able to have a greater staff to student ratio, meaning more available and accessible leadership/discipleship. You will know all of your classmates and staff by name, and will be able to create deep friendships with each other. You will have ample access to base leadership, lecture speakers, elective leaders, school staff, and your one-on-one. 



I enrolled in YWAM Asheville’s discipleship training school after attending community college in my
hometown. It was such a welcoming community and the program was rigorous, “like putting your faith in a pressure cooker for 5 months!” I left knowing who God is and how to share the good news of Jesus with others.


-2020 DTS Graduate


What is a Discipleship Training School?

The Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS) gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world in 5 months. It is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective. The DTS class curriculum is designed to get young missionaries closer to the heart of God, equipped with a foundational Biblical worldview, and ready to serve the world around them.

What are the YWAM DTS requirements?

The only YWAM DTS requirement is a high school diploma, or equivalent.

Why is the DTS important?

We believe training young people to do missions is what the Lord has called us to do as an organization. The Discipleship Training Course gives young missionaries the tools they need to make the Good News of Jesus tangible and relevant in any place or capacity the Lord calls them. 

What is the purpose of discipleship?

Discipleship is a concept that simply means Christians building up, edifying, and sharpening other Christians. Spiritual formation and discipleship allow us to grow in our understanding of truth, and expands our ability to love those around us well.  Discipleship is vital to the life of any believer in order to grow in spiritual maturity, sanctification, reconciliation, healing, and wholeness.

Can I get the DTS curriculum?

A YWAM Discipleship Training School class curriculum includes classroom & academic work, prayer and worship, team building, community responsibilities that help keep the YWAM base running smoothly, local outreach and ministry, small groups, one-on-one’s, and of course, outreach. The Lecture Phase is a minimum of 11 weeks, and Outreach Phase is a minimum of 8 weeks. Check out this page for a more in depth understanding. To get a very detailed look at a YWAM DTS curriculum, look through pages 233-255 of the University of the Nations Reference Guide.

Is there an age limit for DTS?

Age requirements for the DTS depend on the location. Regardless of which base you attend, a High School diploma or equivalent is required. Most DTS programs are designed for students ages 17-30, but many locations offer DTS programs for older students, most often called a “Crossroads DTS”.

How can I apply for YWAM training?

If you are ready to begin your journey with YWAM, you will need to begin with a Discipleship Training School (DTS). Once you have graduated from a YWAM DTS, you are free pursue further YWAM training. Secondary schools, short term internships, and staffing opportunities are available to anyone who has completed a DTS. You can apply for a DTS here.

How much does it cost to do a YWAM DTS?

Trying to find  the cheapest DTS? We get it. The cost of a YWAM DTS is different at every YWAM location. Keep in mind that the cheapest DTS is not necessarily where the Lord is calling you. It can be tempting to choose a DTS location based on cost, but we strongly urge you to choose your DTS location in prayer and seeking the voice of God. You can see the cost of DTS at YWAM Asheville under the “TUITION” tab above. 

What's included in a day of DTS?

An average day during the YWAM DTS Lecture phase begins with a time of individual morning devotionals. After breakfast, DTS students will begin their classroom time with worship, and then lecture, which is typically 3 hours each day. There are snack and coffee breaks throughout lectures. After lecture, students may join in a time of local ministry, study time, or community responsibilities. Here at YWAM Asheville, we also offer electives, which gives students an opportunity to experience Jesus in unique ways throughout the week. After all of that, it’s home for dinner, maybe some homework, and fun with friends. During Outreach Phase, the schedule changes quite a bit. But there will still be regular times of worship, prayer, ministry, and reading. 

Ready to do a YWAM DTS?

Fill out the initial portion of your YWAM DTS application in just minutes!

Once that’s submitted, we will review it and contact you within 2 business days.