Youth With A Mission

A global movement of Christians dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world.


Youth With A Mission, founded in 1960, is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”), we unite in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known. 


We currently work in more than 1,100 locations in over 180 countries, with a staff of over 18,000 amazing people.

YWAM is broad-structured and diverse, yet integrated. We are a global family of ministries held together by shared purpose, vision, values and relationship. We believe that structures should serve the people and the purposes of God. Every ministry at every level has the privilege and responsibility of accountability to a circle of elders. To learn more about our Beliefs and Values, click here.


The goal of every YWAM-er is to "Know God and Make Him Known." This is expressed in a vast number of different ways, as we continue to create with God in evangelism, mercy ministries, and training programs. YWAM focuses on training and equipping young people to reach the nations with the Gospel, in whatever capacity He has called them to do so. This is done through the arts and media, medical missions, sports outreaches, fighting injustices, Biblical training, one-on-one discipleship and much more. As God leads, we follow. 

To learn more about the global YWAM family of ministries, visit ywam.org 

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YWAM Asheville is committed to seeing young people empowered, equipped, and sent into the world as ambassadors of the Gospel. Achieving this takes the form of discipleship and leadership schools, missions training, street evangelism and ministry (both local and overseas), prayer and intercession, Biblical studies, worship, community living and more!

In particular, our location focuses on the Traveler community: the nomads, the vagabonds. We reach out to the Travelers that come into our city, as well as in the Himalayas of India. 


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Christopher Vengala

Base Director

From Hyderabad, India • Joined YWAM in 1994 • Coffee connoisseur, motivational speaker, vibrant visionary, evangelism specialist, courageous pioneer, devoted husband and father.

Mission Statement: “Nomadic | Missiology | Multiply”

Megan Vengala

Megan Vengala

Base Director

From Winston-Salem, North Carolina • Joined YWAM in 1993 • Creative foodie, accounting beast, passionate discipler, mercy maker, lion-hearted wife and mother.

Mission Statement:

Brittany Jones

Brittany Jones

From Denham Springs, Louisiana • Joined YWAM in 2007 • Infectious joy bringer, fierce leader, cherisher of people, hospitality master, empowering encourager.

Mission Statement: “To disciple young people and walk in fierce mercy.”

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Laura-Beth Rimmer

From Mayfield, England • Joined YWAM in 2008 • Baking expert, detail queen, justice warrior, restorer of potential, tennis buff, admin hero.

Mission Statement: “To rescue, disciple, and empower those enslaved in human trafficking.”

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Maria Paula Granados Pinilla

From Bogota, Colombia • Joined YWAM in 2016 • truth speaker, missional artist, Biblical creative, loving evangelist, beauty chaser, brave believer.

Mission Statement: "Creating with God beauty from ashes."

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Stefani Johnson

From Chester, Virginia • Joined YWAM in 2016 • Undercover jokester, gentle revolutionary, solid rock, servant leader, refreshing companion, champion of children.

Mission Statement: “Building safe atmospheres for children and helping them discover their purpose.”


Kaari Speer

From Salem, Oregon • Joined YWAM in 2010 • Coffeeshop junkie, truth speaker, multifaceted artist, freedom defender, compassionate wife and mother.

Mission Statement: “Improving quality of life through beauty, mercy, and truth.”  

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Andrew McGaha

From Chester, Virginia • Joined YWAM in 2009 • Random-fact fanatic, pursuer of laughter, music lover, humble helper, insightful ally, Star Wars devotee.

Mission Statement: “To disciple and equip others to fulfill their purpose.”

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Sadie Jones

From Hanford, California • Joined YWAM in 2016 • Life-long dancer, unity soldier, tenacious leader, fiery worshiper, bringer of hope.

Mission Statement: “Worshipping the Father while showing forgotten children their worth and purpose.”


Mason Stephens

From Waynesville, North Carolina • Joined YWAM in 2014 • Man bun VIP, nature enthusiast, creative intellectual, authenticity advocate, intuitive evangelist.

Mission Statement: “To inspire others to discover true freedom and fulfillment.”


PHONE: +1 (828) 417-7777

ADDRESS: PO Box 25, Asheville, NC 28802